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Trust is the Raw Material for Business Success

Expectation and experience are the basis of trust, a fundamental element in connecting reason and emotion, in determining the success of any relationship, and that can strongly impact the results of your company. Rodrigo Rocha   I have lately been thinking a lot about the concept of trust and the impact that the verb has […]


Birds of a Feather When two brands join efforts in co-branding actions, they set in motion a series of attributes of their personalities that can give rise to a sale avalanche and generate prestige for both Rodrigo Rocha   For people, cooperating comes naturally. Everyone knows that “nobody is an island” and that “unity is […]

Clash of generations or habit conflict

While experiencing a period when generations called Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z converge and coexist with each other, I get the sense that life today is full of internal strife due to the antagonism of trends systems, in which the will of a generation could remain in the same direction of […]

The art of building new concepts by inspiration on old ideas

Due to my routine, I have the opportunity to be in daily contact with people who show me “anything” genius, I mean, their own or someone else’s creations that deserve due attention. In most cases, they are simple ideas, almost “obvious”, however capable of solving apparently complex problems. The kind of solution that leads us […]

Data and information that men have been producing

A while ago, I read a series of articles addressing the incredible amount of data and information that the human being has produced in the last decade.   We know, for example, that the amount of information that a single human being can acquire in a week nowadays is equivalent to all information acquired during […]

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